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The Irvine Swim League continued its 32nd season with a very successful and competitive third week of competition Saturday, July 8, around the city.


The Colony Red Hots enjoyed a warm welcome from Turtle Rock Tidal Wave for a record-breaking meet Saturday, July 8.

Jade Thai’s 28.38 time in the 50-yard butterfly and Kate Lee’s time of 1:02:63 in the individual medley set Colony records.

Swimmers delivering three time improvements were Dean Evans, Britney Cao, Renaldo Chang, Megan Chien, Cassandra Chow, Brandon Hartanto, Tessa Huffmire, Aryan Jain, Jocelyn Knerr, Allison Lee, Kate Lee, Karis Lin, Thalia Mao, Marlowe Nuttall, Kate O’Connor, Jade Thai, John Webber, Amelia Wong, Owen Wong and Jordan Yafckli.

Red Hots finishing with two time improvements were Aden Ahmad, Keith Bauer, Joshua Baxter, Zachary Baxter, Divya Bhamidapati, Karthik Bhamidapati, Declan Carter, Sofia Cervantes, Annie Chien, Caleb Chow, Elijah Chyo, Amaya Guttery, Raiya Guttery, Lilly Huffmire, Owen Huffmire, Joshua Ikehara, Justin Ikehara, Bella Kuo, Emma Lee, Aadi Mehta, Riyaz Mehta and Alexander Miyake.

Also, Gabriel Miyake, Macy Nuttall, Magnum Nuttall, Maverick Nuttall, Maximillian Nuttall, Madison Patton, McKenna Patton, Ryleigh Patton, Violet Patton, Isabella Poblete, Hansen Shao, An Takagi, Daniel Tong, Adam Tran, Ashley Tran, Isabella Vaklev, Allen Wong, Caden Wong, Elizabeth Wu, Brandon Yang and Nicole Yang.

Red Hots with time improvements exceeding 10 seconds were Xavier Mao, Dean Evans, Maddox Nuttall, Elle Shueh, Evolet Shueh, Tristan Wong, Aryan Jain, Karis Lin, Marlow Nuttall, Owen Wong, Divya Bhamidapati, Raiya Guttery, Magnum Nuttall, Maximillian Nuttall, Madison Patton, Ashley Tran and Nicole Yang.

Those qualifying for the League Championships included Brandon Yang, Alexander Miyake, Gabriel Miyake, Justin Sun, Evan Tom, Joshua Ikehara, Brandon Hartanto, Dylan Fox, Cullen Chow, Caleb Chow, Declan Carter, Zachary Baxter, Joshua Baxter, Elise Poissonnier, Britney Cao, Nicole Yang, Amelia Wong, Isabella Vaklev, Jasmine Thai, Jade Thai, McKenna Patton, Milan Nuttall, Tony Masangkay, Thalia Mao, Kate Lee, Allison Lee, Cassandra Chow, Cara Chow and Elizabeth Cabral.


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