Innovative Psychiatry in Connecticut Announces Extraordinary Results with Breakthrough Ketamine Treatment for Depression | 08/08/17

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., Aug. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative Psychiatry,, announces their IV Ketamine Treatment Program for treatment-resistant depression and other psychiatric mood disorders. In an effort to treat those patients who receive no relief from traditional antidepressants, Lori Calabrese, M.D. at Innovative Psychiatry, is dedicated to finding more effective answers to the depression epidemic. Ketamine, a drug safely used in anesthesia for over 50 years, has demonstrated unprecedented effectiveness in reversing depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the stubborn depressive episodes of bipolar disorder, as well as erasing suicidal ideation.

Lori Calabrese, M.D. sees an 80% response rate to ketamine treatment in cases of treatment-resistant mood disorders.

“We’re seeing patients who’ve been disabled by treatment-resistant mood disorders emerging from treatment relaxed, smiling, and able to enjoy the things they haven’t enjoyed in a very long time. We’re seeing more than relief. We’re seeing wellness,” Calabrese stated. “In fact, we’re seeing these results in 80% of cases where no other treatment had helped,” she added. Calabrese is a leader in psychiatric medicine, and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital, and held faculty positions at Harvard and Yale.

An anesthesia drug turned club drug known as Special K, ketamine has redeemed its name through neuroscience research showing numerous areas of impact in the brains of depressed individuals. It has also been found to rapidly erase suicidal thinking in at-risk suicidal patients. Studies in laboratory animals and human brain tissue reveal its ability to:

  • Block NMDA receptors
  • Improve glutamate levels
  • Rapidly move G proteins off lipid rafts in the cell membrane, giving the patient rapid improvement of mood and rapid erasing of suicidal thinking
  • Spark mRNA to turn on DNA to proliferate brain-derived-neurotrophic-factors which produce an abundance of neuronal branches to robustly increase synapse numbers

“The Journal of the American Medical Association published a consensus statement, by a task force of the American Psychiatric Association, saying that studies now give evidence of ketamine’s ability to produce ‘rapid and robust antidepressant effects’ in patients with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety disorders. They expressed the same caution I feel that ketamine should be administered under carefully controlled conditions,” Calabrese pointed out. “We follow those guidelines to the letter.”

To learn more about Innovative Psychiatry’s Ketamine Treatment Program, visit or call 860.648.9755.

Innovative Psychiatry,, is the psychiatry practice of Lori Calabrese, M.D., which focuses on highly effective treatments for patients with mood and anxiety disorders not relieved by traditional medications. Located in South Windsor, CT, it has become a hub in a four state area for groundbreaking psychiatric treatment.

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