Indian thali – the best way of tasting Indian flavours


Indian food has been popular all over the world. Travellers have been indulging in the Indian cuisine for years. Everybody is familiar with ‘Palak Paneer’. People have reduced consuming meaty treats due to the medical complications that occur in the long run. Thus they have adopted veganism to lead a healthy life. In India, killing of animals is prohibited by religious institutions. Cows have religious values attached to them thus killing of cows is restricted. This is one of the reasons people had turned into vegans. The rest of the world is catching up with this trend. The consequences of consuming meaty treats are fatal and life threatening. People have lost their lives consuming meat every day. Meat does have health benefits however exceeding the limit results in medical emergencies. 

Indian vegetarian food is considered a safe bet and has numerous benefits health wise. Doctors reiterate consumption of vegetarian food because it is nutritious and healthy. Meat tends to get accumulated in the digestive system. The digestive tract fosters oily and fatty grit. These grits harbours cancerous cells because of the environment they create. Cancerous cells give rise to other life threatening diseases after making the body weak and feeble. Stress is another prominent factor that stimulates the production of free radicals in the human body. The human body succumbs to multiple chronic diseases because the free radicals invade the immune system. The human body has only one protective shield that is the immune system. The immune system slips into dormancy and the white cells are mutilated one by one. The tissues get scarred and eventually the free radicals attack the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is fragile and delicate. Even a slight harm can result in a medical emergency. Free radicals are responsible for acute illnesses a human body succumbs to. It is imperative for every person to take care of his health.

A working individual abides by a tight schedule which does not allow his to take a breather. Time constraint is a common phenomenon every working individual suffers from. However it is important that an individual incorporates a balanced diet in his routine life. If he is unable to consume a balanced diet everyday then it is mandatory that he stone the loss of nutrients and energy with supplements. There are many nutritional supplements manufactured to compensate and equalize the nutrient count in the human body. Vegetarian food along with supplements is a healthy combination.

India has been treading on a healthy path. Vegetarian cuisine is extensive and the Indian thali is the most popular delicacy that has made people gawk in awe. Vegetarian thali is a platter that includes Rice, Roti, vegetable entrees and dessert. People from foreign lands love indulging in this platter because of its feast like nature. The explosion of flavours offers by a thali is incomparable and unparalleled.  In India, Gujarathi and South…

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