Importance of Computer Security for Home and Enterprise

How secure are you? Locking doors and windows used to be enough assurance that you will be safe day and night, but all of that changed when the turn of the century brought us a gift that ca both be used for good and for bad. Advanced technology in the form of computers, mobile phones, flash drives, and similar gadgets were created to promote ease and comfort in our lifestyles and proficiency in our workplaces.

The internet, too, lengthens our reach and breaks down geographical boundaries by connecting us to the rest of the world. Yes, all of these are good, but good is not its only facet. Criminals have also seen the advantages of computing technology. Just as breakthroughs in information technology have progressed to amazing heights, so has cyber crimes become prevalent occurrences in the worldwide web. Since online scams and malware attacks are now merely common themes in computer usage, how are you to make sure that none of these becomes instruments to penetrate your home, and later your enterprise?

1. Your Risks at Home

Home is where your family is, and that alone makes this issue severe. Children, teenagers, and even ignorant adults, are more prone to acquire malware in your computers than anybody else. The troublesome thing about viruses, spywares, worms, and rootkits, is that they are difficult to detect until they’ve started causing real damage. Therefore it’s important to get a reliable computer virus protection for your PC.

Clear signs that these pests are present are slow and dysfunctional programs, missing files, and overall deterioration in performance. An antivirus software for home PC will usually suffice for internet security, but when in doubt, go the extra mile by guaranteeing your general computer security. There are easy steps you can take to achieve this. If everybody in your family is accessing the same computer, one big improvement is to create multiple guest accounts that have little to no administrative powers. Meaning, others will require your permission to install a program. Included in your administrative powers is the ability to block dangerous sites and limit the downloadable items in other accounts.

However, tracking the safety of everyone’s internet usage may be too much hard work sometimes. Protect your computer by getting windows XP antivirus protection or any other platform depending on the operating system you are using. Look for upgrades in your antivirus software that will make it less user reliant and more automatic. It is also a good idea to educate your family about computer safety so all of you practice the same measures.

2. Why should I give such a big importance to home security?

Owners of international corporations are in greater risks, but that doesn’t make you any less prone to cyber attacks. Cyber criminals can use rootkits and even less damaging malware to open backdoors I your computers to obtain your files, open your web cameras, and worse, to steal your identity.

These malware travels…

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