How to Text a Girl You Like


So you know a girl that you like, and this article assumes that you already have her number. Maybe you have texted her before, maybe you haven’t, but you are still unsure of how to text her to make her like you.  The ultimate goal when texting a girl is to build up enough attraction that will lead her to want to meet up with you for a date, hangout, or something along those lines. Although this is the general rule, it may not apply to everyone. I am not the most attractive guy on the planet, and I have a very busy schedule, so I have devised a way of texting girls that makes me come across as a very attractive individual that they can’t get enough of.  My aim is to get the girl so excited through my texts that when I actually meet her, I don’t have to be fake or anything, I can just be myself .

There are several things about texting girls that are general rules that you need to apply if you want to succeed. The first thing is that you need to keep your texts short. When people see a huge block of text they think it is going to be a lot of work to read it so they usually don’t, keep it short and simple.  When you have shorter texts, it is easier for her to ask more questions and you can drag out the conversation longer, making her even more interested. Short texts also show that you aren’t too serious, and you like to have fun.

Something that is not stressed enough is that if you want to successful with texting girls, you can NOT respond to every one of their texts. If you are answering every one of their questions, what is going to make them wonder about you? Believe me if you do this you are risking a lot. Also you shouldn’t always start the conversation, you have a life so live it. If you are constantly texting her she will be turned off and this will squash your game. This ties right along with immediately responding to her text messages, even if you have your phone by your side you don’t want to respond immediately. By dragging out your response times this will cause her to be interested because she’ll be wondering “what is he doing” “why didn’t he answer me?” “does he like me?”

Finally, one of the most important aspects of text messaging a girl is to not be boring. Girls love excitement and individuality, if you come across as a boring dude, do you think she will be texting you back anytime soon? I don’t think so. Texting requires that extra degree of being entertaining to keep her addicted to you and responding to your texts.  This means that what we want to achieve with our texting is figuring out how to bring out her different emotions, but also make her comfortable with feeling different emotions while talking to us. Texting a girl on a bunch of different subjects keeps her curious and helps establish your value while building up her comfort  level.

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