How to Perfect Your English Pronunciation

Why do I need to perfect my English pronunciation?

English language is a lingua franca in the world today. Without it, it is impossible to use technology, find a job in a global market, travel to distant countries, or simply browse the Internet. It is almost undeniably the must-have skill of today’s world. It is not only needed for you to have good grammar and decent vocabulary. Let’s be honest – you are expected to have very good pronunciation, otherwise no one will really understand you, especially if you have a strong native accent. The latter could make it very hard for you to find a job, despite your professional abilities and experience.

American English is accepted as the most used accent in the world, and many argue it is easier to master than British English. I am not going to talk about many dialects of American English language here, but to its standard form called General American.

If you already have a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary but you still feel uncomfortable speaking English, what you need to do is perfect your English pronunciation. It may seem difficult at first, but it is not unattainable. The main problem in learning English around the world is not paying enough attention to pronunciation. So, you may think your accent will stay the same forever. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you plan your practicing the right way.

How to choose the best resources for learning?

If you want to start practicing pronunciation but are not sure how to start, don’t be afraid: you don’t need private tutors or some other time (and money) consuming help. Yes, private tutors will help you, but they are not necessary. Since English is used everywhere, you can also get help everywhere. What I mean is – use very source you have – from watching TV to reading newspapers and magazines out loud. But, the best source you have is of course the Internet.

There are many resources online that can help you pursue your quest of attaining proficient English pronunciation skills. You should focus on those that are showing you how to pronounce a word so you can understand the correct articulation of a particular sound. With this understanding there will be no word that you cannot pronounce clearly and fluently.

In order to practice your speaking skills, so you would feel confident enough to apply for an international job, you really have to put your mind to it. Choose the online programs that suit you most, but be careful that they enable you to learn efficiently. First of all, you need to understand how a sound is made (graphic visual presentation would be the best explanation). You also need to hear a native speaker -the more of them the better. And of course you need practice, a lot of intense practice. You need to hear your own voice – if you can, record yourself reading a sentence and listen to the recording. That is the best way for you to identify the most prominent mistakes you are making so you can focus…

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