How to Make High Score in Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird has become a popular online game day by day and with it numbers of players are increasing. Everyone wants to get a high score in online games, but it is not that easy. It is actually a hard game to get scores. At times it may give you a frustration as to how this simple game can be so tough. Even to get a score of five or six, you have to struggle hard. Below we have given some of the tips following which you can get a decent score:

1. It Is Better To Be Slow: More tapping is not always better in Flappy bird. You have to keep the bird flying in correct rhythm, so be used to a slower pace. The critical moment comes when you fly the bird between the pipes. Touching on either of the pipe makes the bird die. So, you have to be very slow when making the bird fly between the pipes.

2. Let Yourself Fall: In the whole game you will feel like you are playing against gravity. If you don’t tap the bird, it will fall straight on the ground. In the whole game, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the bird, especially when you the bird is flying through the pipes. Not all the pipes are of the same height. Each one of them has a different altitude. When the pipe is of a greater height, you have to tap quickly to reach that height and when the pipe is lower, you have to release the bird and again tap.

3. Playing Flappy Bird On Tablet Is Easy: This game is also available for the Android platform. You can download this game from Google Play Store. Playing Flappy Bird on the tablets is easier than on a PC. You can nearly double the score when you are playing the game on a tablet.

4. Remaining Calm: It is very important that you remain calm throughout the game. In fact, this rule applies in all online games. The more tense and stressed out you become, the worse you are going to play. If you have reached a high score and you get to feel frustrated, walk away from the game and return refreshed.

5. Avoiding Distractions: When you go to see a movie or play, you are suggested to keep your phone on silent mode so as to enjoy distraction free viewing environment. The game requires a high level of concentration and distraction free environment to get a good score. Make sure that your device is not in the process of downloading too much app updates. It is wise to keep the device in airplane mode so that you don’t get even the slightest of distractions.

6. Persistence: The famous saying “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” does not apply in the game of Flappy Bird. Moreover, blind persistence is worthwhile. But, you will get more experience when you play the game again and again. So, to get a good score you must play the game over and again to gain expertise.

Now, as you know what are the steps to be followed to get a decent score, visit to play the game.

Can you share Flappy bird score to social sites?

Yes, you can share your scores on favorite social websites such as Face book, Google Plus or Twitter. For that you need to register on the website Registering on the site is very simple.
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