How to identify and recruit language teachers

Language teachers are the most sought after teachers in the whole world. It is because of the importance they play in educating us to learn languages that we were not born with. The most popular language will be English as it is the globally used language anywhere in the world. Though we have many other languages that also play an important role in communication, English is the leading language that most people would want to learn. In some countries it is a native language but in some like Asia, it is upon the local citizens to get language teachers to teach them.

Like any other recruitment process for other jobs, identifying and hiring language teachers is a rigorous process. You must make sure that the language teachers you hire can deliver on their job. During the process of identifying potential teachers, you must do a lot of screening to ensure that the teachers are qualified for the job.  Ask them to send their curriculum vitae and copies of their certification, passport size photos, there identification cards and any other useful document that may be useful during the pre screening. Use their CV and certificates to weigh against your requirements, do background checks on the certificates issued by ascertaining their authenticity with the issuing body or university. You can do that by calling the issuing body or sending them a mail to verify the certificates. We have many bogus colleges outside their purporting to give degree courses to teachers. Verify if those colleges are accredited by the higher education departments from their respective countries if they are accredited to offer such courses. Otherwise you may end up hiring bogus language teachers who are not able to live up to the task ahead of them.

When identifying prospective language teachers, you may need to come with scheduled interviews for them. When setting up the interview questions, you must set questions that will enable you to know and identify if the candidates are meeting the specified qualifications for teaching. Some of the questions that you might want to ask include the candidates telling you a brief description about themselves. This will give you an insight into the candidate’s history. Interviewing the candidates about knowledge of the subject is also a core part of the process. You must know whether the candidate has the right skills in teaching language and has the prerequisites or previous experience in teaching. Class management skills are also another area that you might want to look into the interviewees. It is a skill that will let you know whether the candidate can manage a class effectively and efficiently without hiccups and indiscipline amongst the students.  You may also want to know from the aspiring language teachers how they intend to strengthen or literacy levels amongst the students. The candidates must give a rundown of how they are going to execute a strategy using identifiable timelines in increasing the level of literacy in the…

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