How To Get Big Biceps – The Fundamentals

Ok guys, lets face facts here, how many times have you seen someone approached by a bunch of envious guys at the gym and heard the phrase “Wow – love your calves”. It just doesn’t happen does it. The bottom line is that the layman or woman tends to be more focused on the size and shape of your guns, and big biceps are more often than not used as a barometer for strength and success in your training program.

Of course, serious lifters and competitive bodybuilders will know that just as much hard work and dedication goes into developing each single body part, and clearly your peers will be hugely impressed when they spot your huge lats or traps. However, for a huge number of basic and intermediate lifters the focus will be on the growth and development of their biceps. Adding inches to your arms will be the primary motivator in your training regimen. So, just for you guys here are some fundamentals to stick to in order to help you reach that goal and show you how to get big biceps.

Bicep Fundamental 1: Concentrate On Working The Bicep.

This may seem like an obvious statement but it is incredible just how much it is ignored. You will doubtless have spent time in the gym and seen guys throwing huge weights around, grunting wildly and slapping each other on the back congratulating themselves on a massive set of barbell curls. The problem is however, that the vast majority of the work they have just done will be for nothing because they have been swinging from the shoulder or hips and the bicep has been largely under-used.

Irrespective of which bicep exercise you are performing, be it a huge compound exercise, barbell curl etc, or an isolation exercise on the machines it is absolutely imperative that you focus on working the bicep. All the weight has to be moved by the bicep contraction and the bicep only! At the beginning of the movement take a second and concentrate all your effort onto ensuring good form and technique. Feel the bicep contracting and curl slowly allowing the bicep to bulge and peak. It is incredible how much more you will get from the exercise if you just take the time to concentrate on it.

Bicep Fundamental 2: Add Weight

This is a key element in your bicep development and also one of the toughest things to get right. The problem occurs when the addition of weight means that form and technique are compromised. It is a common feature among newbie lifters that they tend to stay training at a certain weight and simply increase the reps in the mistaken belief that this will lead to huge gains. In fairness, at the start of a training program this may hold some truth but the dreaded plateau will not be far away.

The fact of the matter is that it is always advisable to increase the weight once you have reached your desired rep range. There is a fairly simple maxim to observe here and that is that your bicep will grow in line with the amount of weight you are lifting and will be aided by the correctness of your technique. Again we go back…

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