How to Choose What I Should Read Next?

Reading is the most appropriate way of gaining knowledge and wisdom. To some, they do not only read for knowledge but also because it is a hobby. A good reader should initiate a strategic method of reading books and learn how to follow the strategy. After completing a book or a series from a certain author, what follows is thinking about what should I read next.

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding on what should I read next. The main factor is why I want to read. The next thing is determining whether there are any topics I would want to read. The author is also a determinant because some readers might want to read books of a certain author. After evaluating all these factors, it will be possible to establish an appropriate book to read.

Apart from considering factors, there are other ways of determining the next book to read. The most common way of choosing a book is visiting the local library and selecting from a wide range of books. With the advanced technology, it is possible to choose from online sites available. What should I read next is an online site, which helps readers to identify books they might want to read.

It is easy to use this site and new members can begin by registering. There is an area where people type in author and the book’s title. This site will provide a long list of relevant books, which can interest the reader. In addition to this, the site will also add other related books to the title. The results always make an assumption that the reader has a similar taste to the book title they type in.

Other similar sites are Whichbook, Lazy library, LibraryThing and Your next read among others. These sites use different criterion to determine the suggestions they will give to the readers. For example, a site may request to know the last book I read and enjoyed it. The results will use this book to suggest what I should read next. Online sites operate all the time and readers can request for books any time.

Friends and relatives are also a good alternative of helping on what book to read next. One can ask them about books they have previously read and they found them interesting. Make a collection of many books and arrange them in any order you want. Follow the order when reading the books and you will realize that you do not have to spend much time deciding what you should read next.

If you are a beginner in reading, it is normal to always wonder what you should read next. As you try various methods of determining the next book, you will develop a sequence. It will help you identify the books you want to read even before you are through with your current one. In other instances, you might get topic you would want to read about. This will answer your question on what should I read next.

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