How to Choose the Perfect Columbia Endura Series Backpack

Just like other signature backpacks of Columbia, Columbia sportswear introduced different versions/ series of their most popular jumbo backpack – Endura. Three versions of this backpack were launched – Endura 35, Endura 50 and Endura 65. So how can one choose the perfect Endura Series backpack with multiple versions of the same? Let’s take a look at some of its salient features and comprehend their utility.

Columbia Sportswear has always created a top-notch status in the market by introducing backpacks that are extremely sturdy, strong and offer great comfort to its users. For that very reason, they constantly introduce different varieties, styles and versions. Talking about Endura series backpacks, they have more or less same features. The major difference being amount of storage capacity it can hold. As the name suggests – Endura 35 has a 35-liter capacity, Endura 50 has a 50-liter capacity, whereas Endura 65 has a whooping 65-liter capacity.

Some of the very prominent and common features of these backpacks are:

• Water-shedding outer surface and superior light weight straps for extra comfortability

• Reflective inner surface consisting of Silverback material to aid you in viewing your belongings in the pack easily

• High-end tensioned back panel to offer support to your shoulders

• Omni-shield repulsion technology to protect your things against rough weathers

• Extremely comfortable and light-weight hip belt and shoulder strap

• Sturdy Tarmaq base and aluminum-based frame

• Inclusive rain pack fly and trekking pole accessories

• Water bottle pockets at the side and spacious front pockets

These remarkable features of Endura series backpacks ensure that they offer extreme breathability, strength and comfort to its users. With launch of each of these backpacks, Columbia Sportswear ensured that the salient features are not compromised. This is quite evident from the user reviews that can be explored at different websites. Many users swear by these backpacks and comment on their gratifying experience of using Columbia Endura Series. Though Columbia Endura 35 is the smallest backpack of this series, one user comments that it has enough space to accommodate all his gears and equipment. It is the perfect companion on any adventure spree. Endura 50 has also been one of the greatly appreciated backpack. Different users have appreciated Endura 50 for its storage capacity, great quality, and value for money and durability. The only negative review about this backpack given is that the length of the straps is not sufficiently long for some people. The last backpack of this series – Endura 65 has again been praised by many buyers for its versatility and comfort. Users have admired this backpack for its jumbo-sized space, flexibility, smart design and excellent quality among other features.

Hence, Endura series backpacks have mostly received positive reviews from its users and critics. These backpacks are an ideal choice for all kinds…

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