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Creating engaging and meaningful content, and doing so consistently, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We’ve been in the email marketing business for quite some time, and have published a lot of content along the way, so we know as well as you how frustrating getting stuck coming up with new content can sometimes be.

An editorial calendar helps tremendously with planning, but what happens when the idea well runs dry when filling out that editorial calendar? There’s the great standby go-to content ideas such as creating a list, writing a How To article, using video as opposed to a text post or designing an infographic, to name a few. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the content generation ideas we keep in our back pockets here at FeedBlitz HQ. Or in other words, how we avoid getting stuck creating new content! (Because no one likes screaming at their computer screen in frustration, right? Right.)

Repurpose Old Content

To some, this is a given while others aren’t so sure of the practice. Repurposing old or archived content is taking something you have previously posted and offering a new twist or a modern spin on it. Can you relate it to something happening today? Are there new tools or resources available you can use to update the information? Maybe you wrote individual posts that would be great grouped together for a monthly theme? You can even begin a greatest hits or oldie but goodie themed post once a month where you repost the content and add an updated introductory and closing paragraph to the text.

If your concern is readers noticing repeated content, know that when we say old or archived posts, we’re reaching back at least 8-12 months. Think of how many new subscribers have joined your list since then! Additionally, a good open rate is 20%, which means only 1/5th of your readers see any given piece. There has also been a lot of  new content added to your site. Should a subscriber receive the content a second time, they will most likely not remember its initial posting.

Tell Readers What NOT To Do

*Spoiler Alert: This is exactly what we are doing in this post right now. Check out the title again, How Not to Get Stuck Creating New Content. See what we did there?

Instead of telling your readers what they should be doing, try telling them what they should NOT be doing. A bit of reverse-psychology at it’s best, you are luring readers in by helping them avoid something negative. This post could have easily been titled Content Generation Ideas or How to Create Even More Great Content, yet we chose to re-frame it in telling you how not to find yourself in a very familiar (or annoyingly frustrating) position. It’s a small tweak but can easily grab your reader’s attention as you are offering great value in avoiding a common pain.

Another idea in this category is to share how you have failed at something. This is a big step for many publishers as it can be tough to admit our wrong-doings or failures, however, it…

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