How do you Define Success in Your Life

Many of us know what success means. If you surf the net using your service provider like FiOS Internet, you will find that the dictionary or the theoretical meaning of success is an event that accomplishes the intended purpose. While in practical senses, it means achieving something that others haven’t done and fail to do so. Whatever it is, whether you take the theoretical or practical meaning; success means achieving something.

Nowadays, many of us are living a pretentious life. In a sense, we just build our future based on the definition of success divulged by the society, family and peers. To an extent, that is fine, if you like and chose to live by those values. But, everyone can’t have the same set of values. Also the success which many of us want to achieve has little or nothing to do with what makes you content.

Seriously, think about this, what success you want to achieve should be defined by you. You can’t allow others to define the success which you plan to chase. It would be like being a puppet in other’s hand. If you want to take control of your life, you need to take some serious steps. Here the steps mean to make your life meaningful and better.

Don’t you think success should be something that comes in your way? Going back of success will only help to beat the competition and not the satisfaction of achieving something. It does not mean that competition is bad. Competition helps to pump up your energy and enthusiasm in doing work. It just stimulates you to work hard and to the best of your abilities.

But competition to an extent is demoralizing. It just creates a base of dividing people on the basis of some pre-defined goal. You would be trying to degrade people on the basis of those who can achieve their goals and those who can’t. It can sometimes create a feeling of negative vibe and frustration among the people.

The same can be said about a pre-defined success. You constantly drain your energy and skills to achieve that success. While many are able to achieve that but some don’t. If you use this energy and skill to do something that you like, it would be worthwhile. It does not mean that success does not play an important part in our lives. Being successful is what every person strives in his or her life. But the success should be something that you wish and that comes to you naturally.

If you are good at something or have a skill, you could do something to harness that skill or continue to do the thing you like. As you continue to do the thing you like for example being a good writer or cook, slowly you will become best in it. Ultimately, when you become an expert in it, it will then slowly take you to the dream that you have. That is being successful.

When you start doing something that you like, you will give in your entire energy and concentration to it. You would work hard and give into your best of the abilities. There will be no pressure and you will enjoy doing it. Doing the work that makes you happy and…

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