Heavy duty trucks come with plenty of permutations


An excellent place to start while choose heavy duty trucks or light duty trucks is to do a good assesment of all your needs. If you do not want to carry a lot of weight with the truck, then you don’t need to get heavy duty trucks. The medium duty ones will do just fine. If you are not going to travel with a huge cargo like construction debris, manure, or dirt, then you can get something like an SUV or minivan. It is a much better choice. You should keep in mind that it costs much less for renting a truck than buying it. Hence, if you are going to need a truck only for some time of the year, then renting on is better than buying one out right.

If you are going to use the truck as a family car and work horse together, then it is recommended that you get crew cab model or extended cab one having four doors. Pick up trucks have a lot of permutations and hence there is a lot to choose…


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