Healing process of the economy brings up momentum for Argentina ETF

Though the Argentine economy is going through a difficult phase, it has shown good positive results proving favorable to the struggles that it has faced in both economic and political fronts. The second biggest economy in the GDP sense of South America, Argentina has an outstanding demographic potential of nearly 280 million. The past years have shown good GDP rates and trade oriented revenues.

Sadly the past year has not treated the economy in a beneficial way. Economic issues and political instability has taken its toll. But the state of affairs is improving lately and the economy is rising out of the burdens implemented by its weak exports and poor grain harvest. The economy has seen a stage of high inflation and political disorder to make things worse.

The increase in public spending has been the savior of the day. There has been a record breaking outburst of the grain and soybean harvest, implying that good exports of the crops are anticipated, pumping a new fresh lease of life into economy. In the first quarter of 2013 the economy of Argentina grew by 3%, astonishingly much higher than the expected 1.9%. The imports of the economy have grown by a modest 5 % where as the exports have climbed the ladder by 8%. This figure shows a positive and potential increase lying ahead for one of the major economies of Latin America. Inflows of foreign capital are spreading to the financial circumference of this economy and proposing bright prospects for the Argentina ETF.

After Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires was named Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic world, all the global eyes are on this Latin economy. After the announcement of the new Pope by the Vatican the stocks in the Argentina market have experienced a popping sensation. This might further lead to a positive and potential trading scenario in the near future. The news of the first Latin American to have been elected the leader of the Roman Catholic Church has brought a sprinkle of positive energy and enthusiasm into the infrastructure of the economy.

The economy of Argentina is gaining momentum as its neighboring country Brazil is putting up its efforts to hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in the following years. The energy of recreating global standards for the shows has affected the economy of Argentina as well. Foreign inflows of investments are anticipated as the economy is all geared up to portray the best side up. All the aspects of the economy have been intimated of a good fasten of their seatbelts. This will definitely prove favorable to the majority of the industries in the economy. Whether it is the communications industry, or the consumer staple industry or the constructions and real estate industry, all the sectors of the country are bound to experience a growth and polishing.

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