Hair Fall Solution – Nothing Beats Natural Hair Fibers


Although hair loss can happen to both males and females, somehow baldness is observed more commonly among males. Stressful life, lack of proper diet, dust, pollution etc also play crucial role to trigger it. Our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. The follicles in our scalp produce keratin and continuously push it out. This process is better known as hair growth. The normal rate of hair growth in humans is 6-8 inches per year.

The most common reason for breakage of strands is the weakening of hair due to excessive physical strain applied to them. Too much of styling or even using helmet can cause hair damage. Sometimes excessive use of commercial chemical based hair care products is the reason behind hair problems. Washing the scalp with hot water or using dry blower frequently damages the hair and ultimately makes them weak so they start to fall off. Some other reasons for…


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