Grooming Your Kids to Become the Next Disney Channel Stars

Your kid can become one of the next Disney Channel stars. If she has the potential and the drive to pursue this kind of career, then you have to help her set up a strategy so she her goal to be part of the Disney world. One of the best ways to do this is to be part of the Disney Channel casting calls and auditions that are held in different locations all over the US every year. 

Here are several things you can do to groom your child into becoming the next child or teenage star in Disney Channel:

Familiarize through Research

You need to do some research so you can be familiar with the Disney Company. This will allow you to help your child prepare for the challenge of being a part of Disney auditions. Learning all vital information about Disney Channel will also allow you to help your child improve not just her audition piece, but also her attitude in approaching every audition she goes to.

Enroll Your Kid in the Right Classes or Training


If you truly want for your child to become one of the household names in the industry, then you need to take serious action to achieve this. The initial thing you need to do is to enroll your kid in the right classes or training. Classes for acting, singing and dancing are available for kids, adults and teens. 

These specialized classes will help improve your kid’s talents. Also, these lessons come with certifications that can be added up to her credentials as these can be added to her resume or portfolio. Once a recognized acting, singing and dancing school is placed on a resume, the Disney casting team will automatically take note of it. This will be a plus point for your young auditionee.

Have Your Child Join in Talent Searches

Talent search competitions are important to gain access to the Disney Channel world. It does not only make your child get used to the audition process, but also does wonders for your kid’s popularity. This is also important for Disney since it can test a child’s marketability.

Get Representation for Your Kid

If you need more help to place your talented kid at the right place at the right time, then maybe it is best if you will invest in a talent manager or an agency. A hardworking talent agent coming from a legit and widely known talent search company is another key to your child’ ssuccess. When your child becomes a member of a talent search company, you will benefit from the convenience they provide through their assistance in finding acting, singing and dancing jobs for their talents. Talent companies also provide jobs for modeling, casting crews for TV/films, among others.

If your kid is offered with such opportunities as modeling and extra casting offers, never say no to them. Keep in mind that your child will need to start small first to gain experience and know important people in the business. Oftentimes, the entertainment industry is all about connection to the right people.

Observing the advice mentioned above can help in preparing your child to be successful…

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