Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-room DVR

It is infrequent to get cable TV as part of communication deals these days. One of the most frequently flaunted piece of equipment that come with most deals is the Digital Video Recorder, better known as DVR. In theory DVR is nothing but a recording device with a hard disk inside to hold all the programs that you receive from satellite or cable TV providers. DVRs usually form part of the deals that you order, but you also have the option to buy premium products from retailers. But the important thing is they must be compatible with the service provider’s transmission equipment. Usually they are, but you can never tell. So if you are going to buy your DVR from an external source, check for compatibility.

Of all DVRs the latest is the multi-room DVR with more than the normal storage space. If you have not heard about them before, or have some questions about them, then read what follows. It will help you choose the right one when you order a package consisting of TV, internet and digital home phone. DVRs are not just for television, there are ways to connect with the internet and phone as well to get an integrated system.

•I have an outdated DVR that my service provider gave me years before that I cannot use to connect more than one television at a time. I wish I had something better so that I can play TV on more than television at the same time. What do I do with it when I buy a new one? Obviously you may want to talk to your cable TV company first to see if they can give you a DVR that will meet your expectations. If that is possible then buy your multi-room DVR from the operator for cash. Another way to get a multi-room DVR is to get your old DVR upgraded for the latest one and save money. Often they will be free if you are willing to migrate to a new package. They may have conditions. So check that out.
•How many programs can I record on the multi-room DVR and for how long can I keep it? The latest DVRs are capable of recording up to 75 hours of HD programming, and it can be as much as 2,000 hours for Standard programming. It all depends on the hard disk capacity that is built into the DVR. You can keep the recordings for as long as you want unless you want make way for newer ones. If you want a permanent copy of a movie or a TV show then it is better to transfer the content on to another recording device like an external computer disk drive perhaps.
•How many televisions can I connect to my multi-room DVR? And is there a cap on the number televisions that I am authorized to use? The number of televisions that you can connect to your multi-room DVR is determined by the number of ports available on the DVR, and it varies from DVRs to DVRs. Even a low-end multi-room DVR will let you connect as many as 4 DVRs at a time, and some are even believed to have the ability to connect in dozens. However, if you plan to use it commercially then you can go for special equipments that will let you connect hundreds and even thousands of televisions….

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