Floor Cleaning Machines for Hard Surfaces in Commercial Areas

Floor cleaning machines for commercial applications must have ruggedness and versatility to handle cleaning operations for longer durations. The large number of choices available makes the task of choosing the right machine extremely challenging. It is important to understand that not all machines are ideal for all surfaces and in all environments.

Pressure Washers
Hard surface cleaners must have high output power that stems from high pressure and temperature. Modern floor cleaning machines include pressure washers that combine the cleaning power of high pressure and steam temperature to get rid of the most stubborn stains, grease, oil stains, grime, and dirt that accumulate pretty rapidly in a commercial setup. In fact, top machines offer temperatures up to 330°F for maximum cleaning power.

The debate here is whether a pressure washer can be used. Water flow rates of the most powerful steam pressure cleaners can reach up to 5 GPM or gallons per minute. This can lead to flooding concerns in indoor areas where drainage facilities are not sufficient. However, if drainage facilities are no concern, pressure washers can quickly melt and blast away the toughest debris.

Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines
When tackling large expanses of commercial flooring, some of the most popular floor cleaning machines are rotary hard surface cleaners. These machines can offer more than twice the cleaning power of pressure washers by targeting the high pressured spray directly onto the floor and containing the spray beneath the spinner head. Top models of these systems offer a motorized spinner system that targets the full pressure onto the floor, rather than using water pressure to rotate the spinner system.

Paired with extraction systems, the system simultaneously extracts the dirt and residues lifted by the high-powered, concentrated spray. Little moisture is left behind, greatly enhancing the productivity of each cleaning job.

Steam Cleaners
A good steam cleaner can make the cleaning operation more complete. Modern machines, with advanced antibacterial technologies, can eliminate germs and bacteria and can completely eliminate gum stains. They are ideal tile floor cleaners too. The steam temperature from these machines can reach up to 386°F with pressure levels of up to 150 psi. The combination of high temperature and pressure of tile steam cleaners is guaranteed to leave tile and floorings sparkling clean. Most machines come with optional attachments that can be used to dislodge dirt from corners and crevices effortlessly and quickly. Such attachments include detail brushes, grout lances, and more.

Tile steam cleaners are in demand because their advanced technology ensures enhanced cleaning results. The best floor steamers incorporate state-of-the-art technology to improve the commercial floor cleaning experience. A top-quality steam cleaner can speed up the cleaning process by cleaning and simultaneously extracting residual dirt left behind by high-temperature steam…

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