Field Test: Get Your Bow Dialed in with the UNO Archery App

Last summer I was introduced to the UNO Archery App by Full Flight Technology. But to be honest, I was skeptical. Here’s the backstory.

I was a few short months away from heading to Idaho to bowhunt elk. And, despite the fact that I’ve always been a single-pin user, I decided to switch things up to a multi-pin bowsight due to the extended shot ranges I’d likely encounter in the mountains.

After an exhausting week of shooting my bow and sighting-in my seven pins, I had everything set perfectly. Then, a friend and fellow outdoor writer, Tracy Breen, suggested I give the UNO Archery App a try.

My first thought was why? I mean, after all, my pins were sighted-in, and I was ready to head West. Why should I take the time using an app to set my sight pins for me?

After assuring me that I’d be impressed, Tracy sent the app to me and asked that I simply give it a try. Because I didn’t have to change my existing bowsight pins to test the app, I gave it a shot. Much to my surprise, the UNO app came up with the EXACT pin settings I already had on my bowsight. But, that wasn’t the best part. The cool thing was the UNO app did in a matter of only minutes what it literally took me days to accomplish. In a word, I was shocked.

As I sat staring at my iPhone screen and the identical match between my pins and the settings computed by the UNO app, I couldn’t help but think about all the time I could’ve saved by using this handy tool. As a father of three, a husband, teacher, coach and freelance writer (just to name a few titles), time is a valuable commodity. I don’t have a lot of it. So, if you’re like me – busy – the UNO app can be a big help.


How It Works

The UNO app requires very little time to set your sight pins perfectly. But to do so, it needs a little bit of information about your bow rig.

First, it needs your arrow speed. Ideally, you should gather this info after shooting your arrow through a chronograph.

The next two pieces of information are easily acquired with the help of a friend and a ruler. The ruler will be used to measure two distances (peep to arrow; peep to bowsight; both distances at full draw) in order for the UNO app to compute the correct sight pin distances (see illustration below). Then, you must sight-in one pin the old-fashioned way. That’s all there is to it.

After that, the UNO app will display the correct distances between each of the pins on your multi-pin bowsight. Simply hold your phone’s screen up to your bowsight housing and then move the pins to the correct position. Done – you’re ready to shoot and verify the settings.


What About a Single-Pin Bowsight?

As much as I was impressed with the UNO app’s ability to correctly measure multi-pin bowsights, I was even more impressed with how accurately it set up my single-pin, moveable bowsight. When it comes to many single-pin sights, the UNO app lets you print custom and precise tapes for your rig.

For bowsight companies such as HHA…

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