Fall of the Third Apple that Changed Human Destiny


The Apple visionary who showed the world how to live before one meets with death has ended his dream of life, leaving the world to dream further to make it better. The third Apple has fallen! It was a great fall!

The whole world is mourning at the death of Steve Jobs. The Apple Company which Jobs founded in seventies is at a loss, having lost its great visionary. “We are deeply saddened to announce thatSteve Jobs passed away today,” announced a member of the company’s Director Board. “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

The world could find a better change through the great inventionsof Jobs. His technological dreams were achieved in the shape of iPod, iPhone, iPad and many other new inventions which have brought great and fast development in the modern world. The gadgets he has contributed to the world are transforming day-to-day technology of PC computer into new evolutions.The world is waiting to open a new history in life utilising these gadgets. ThoughSteve Jobs lived only for 56 years, he was shown the world a life of hope, convinced in positive energy, and determinant to contribute to the world something good that he can to a better life.

A battle against every odd

Jobs’ life to success was a struggle at every stage. His infancy, childhood, adolescence and adult life– all were stages of fighting with hardships. From the very day of his birth Steve Jobs had to swim across the current for his survival. He never knew the love of a dad or mom. Steve Jobs was given in adoption to a lawyer couple as his unwed mom did not want to have problems because of him.

In search of enlightenment

Steve Jobs had to discontinue his college studies as a penniless lad. He had to struggle to fill his stomach with some food. He had to walk seven miles every Sunday to get a free meal at the Hare Krishna temple. He was attracted to the Indian philosophy and even set out to India in search of peace of mind. He wanted to share the austere life with the Hindu sages. At last it culminated in becoming a Buddhist. Just like Siddhartha who set out in search of answer to the riddles of life, Jobs also could find a way of life through his Indian experience. His Indian experience had much to do in his life.

Jobs himself has expressed how his Indian experience was a turning point in him. He went to India with a friend to the saintly sage Neem Karoli Baba. But before they reached there the sage passed away. It was a turning point in his life. Jobs said, “Thomas Edison did a lot more to improve the world than Karl Marx and Neem Karoli Baba (the guru he was seeking, who died before they could meet) put together.” Jobs turned his way of life towards computerwhich led him to new ventures.

Fall of apple makes history

Three apples have changed human destiny. When the first apple fell in the…

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