Essential Safety Tips For Cyclists

It never fails to amaze how many people who cycle do not have the correct safety gear and are unconcerned for their own safety. Lots of cyclists assume that they have right of way and therefore it is the cars responsibility to avoid causing any difficulty. This is most certainly not the case, it is the individuals responsibility to make themselves seen and safe so as not to endanger themselves or any road user. If you follow some simple safety rules below you make your journeys safer for yourself and for your fellow road users.

No Brains Safety

If you ignore this advice this could be exactly what happens to you, wear a bike helmet it is that simple! No one wants to break arms and legs but if this does happen you have a significant chance of being able to fix the problem, if you damage your head you are less likely to be so lucky. The best and most important thing is that you can do something about it, wear a bike helmet and give yourself a real chance, you can get anything from an expensive top of the range model for all those must have kids out there or a good quality, inexpensive helmet that will do the job and protect your head.

You need to make sure the bike helmet that you choose is safe for use on the road, there is no point buying a helmet that will fall apart upon impact. You need to make sure that the straps are done up correctly and tightly enough so that the helmet is secure and comfortable on your head. You need the cycling helmet to be secure on your head because if you are hit or fall and it moves it won’t be protecting your head any longer.

Take Time to Reflect

Being a small vehicle on the road it is your job to show others that you are there. Wearing reflective garments is a good place to start, it might not be the most attractive look but neither will being in multiple plaster casts! Wearing a full reflective jacket would be the ideal item because it will draw significant attention to you, alerting drivers and other road users of your presence. A reflective belt that goes across your body and round your waist will also be good because it will reflect a good amount of light showing other road users your presence. Most cycling jerseys have reflective strips on them which increases your overall protection whilst out on the roads.

All Lit Up

In addition to reflective clothing it is vital that you have the correct lights on your bike and preferably one on yourself too! You can get a whole range of bike lights from ones that flash to ones that are constant. You should have a light on the front and the rear of your bike so you can be clearly seen from both directions giving you maximum safety. Battery bike lights are the most popular style of light because the power source is easy to maintain and replace.

If you are a regular cyclist and would like to have a dependable continuous power source a dynamo light is a good investment. You don’t have to worry about charging a battery because the source is attached to the bicycle it is…

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