Economic Dictatorship: Where did World Trillionaires find their Trillions!

Economic  dictatorship

Few trillionaires in the world today control world’s riches and wealth. They hoard and treasure their riches and invest to make more wealth and more riches.  These wealth monopolizers are
directly responsible for depriving the peoples of the world of their own share
in national and private riches.

Some 1210 trillionaires(according to Forbes) in the world today monopolize the wealth and riches of the world population in one way or the other. Some of the richest men and women
on the list include for example: Carlos Slim from Mexico monopolizes 74 Billions of USD; Bill gates of the USA 56 billions of USD; Warren Buffett from the USA 50 B; Bernard Arnault from France 41 B;Lawrence Ellison from the USA 39.5 Billions of USD; Lakshmi Mittal from India 31.1 Billions of USD; Amancio Ortega from Spain 31 Billions of USD; Eike Batista from Brazil 30 Billions of USD; Mukesh Ambani from India 27 Billions of USD; Christy Walton from the USA 26.5 billions of USD. Li Ka-Shing from Hong Kong 26 Billions; Karl Albrecht from Germany 25.5 B;Stefan Persson from Sweden 24.5 B; Vladimir Lisin from Russia 24 B; Lilliane Bettencourt from France 23.5 B; Sheldon Adelson from the USA 23.3 B; David Thompson from Canada 23 B; Charles Koch from USA 22 B; David Koch from USA 22 B; Jim Walton from USA 21.3 B.

Does these trillionaires need all their trillions to eat and drink and live like everybody else??

Where do these Trillionaires Find their Trillions!

Of Course it is the People’s. It is the peoples’ wealth all over the World!

The list is not exhaustive but facts remain real. These individuals concentrate world riches and world wealth in their hands. These riches and wealth represent the wealth and riches of the
peoples around the world. Societies have natural resources and theses resources belong to the peoples, the whole bulk of peoples and are not the share of certain small clique of individual persons. These riches represent the wealth that should be shared by every member of the society, by all citizens and not be the lot of an elite, the rich elite. These riches are colossal in their amounts and are only manipulated by the few, the handful few all over the

These trillionaires are the cancerous parasite that knew how to embezzle the people’s wealth. They knew how to manipulate the ways and the means to take away the lawful shares of their
national wealth.

Such manipulation and monopolization of worlds’ wealth and riches deprive naturally all peoples fom their share, their legitimate and rightful share in the wealth of societies. It
is the direct cause for inequality and the direct cause of poverty. Such manipulation of worlds wealth by the few creates the extremely and unlimited elitist clique who enjoy excessive luxury and affluence and the rest of billions who live in deprivation, absolute poverty and suffer famine and shortage of food, homes and are afflicted with all sorts of illnesses and famine. We live in a wrold of Maharajas and untouchables, few…

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