Easy Way to Save Recovered Data from Orphan or Inaccessible OST File

Exchange server suit – Server-client collaborated email systems such as Exchange have changed the way businesses run their email networking in offices. Whether it is a small organization or a medium business firm or even a large industry giant – such server network email environment suits all types. To help all these big and small organizations, Microsoft has designed their Exchange server suite that has managed to establish a wonderful communication system amongst colleagues and clients in these firms. Mainly used as a small business email server suite, the companies with around 75 users can install this and configure it for effective email communication in their offices. This can be the best and most cost-effective way of data-transfer and information-sharing.

OST File – Enjoy the Provision to Work Offline!- Microsoft Exchange Sever system creates a set of Offline storage files respectively on all users’ client-end systems. These OST files automatically get connected with the Server when a user goes online after making changes in the offline mode in Outlook. These changes even get synched with the server soon after the connection is made.
Data Inaccessibility after Server Migration – The OST contains all important emails, contacts, journal items, calendar etc of users. Therefore, these OST files must not be deleted after the migration from an old server to a new one because if done so, the connection of these files then gets broken with the new server because of which users complain about inaccessibility of their old email data after migration.

Reason for This – After the migration of the server, the Offline OST store files present on all users’ computer systems become orphan and therefore, they fail to establish a connection with the migrated new server. At this point only, an OST Recovery tool is needed to save recovered data from orphan or inaccessible OST file by converting it into PST so as to allow the users top gain back the access to their emails, calendar schedules, contact items etc.

Right Solution!- Now what exactly happens when you migrate from an old server to a new one, the domain also gets changed, because of which all the old OST files cannot get connected with the new server that causes email data inaccessibility. For any such problem, there is a one simple solution, which is to seek professional help in the form of an OST Recovery tool.

Crucial Steps to Follow!

  • First download the software and then install it on your machine.
  • Collect all the orphan OST files from all the users’ computers.
  • Place all the collected OST files in a single folder on your machine.
  • Now, an important step is to make a copy of each of those OST files. This has to be done because in case of using original OST files, if something wrong happen during the recovery process, then you may end up in a total loss situation. So, to avoid any such thing, it is always good to be cautious and use the copy of original files while conversion.
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