Draw, paint and color for the fun of it


It’s almost a natural law. Most kids just love to color. Give them some crayons or watercolor pencils and they will have a good time coloring and express themselves on a piece of paper.

When it comes to art everyone can be the expert because the beauty of the art lies in the eyes of the beholder. So what you might say are just some random lines on a paper, can for someone else be a great art work. We all have our own idea of what is beautiful. It is only when we get grown up we get told that we can’t draw or we don’t draw well and we tend to compare our self to others that seems to draw better. But kids they don’t care about these sorts of things. They draw, paint and color for the fun of it. And that’s it. When they get bored of it they stop drawing and do something else. And it doesn’t really matter. They can always finish the drawing later or throw it away and start…


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