Diver From Bridgeport Will Reveal Secrets From The Deep At Scuba Seminar


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Anyone who thinks scuba diving is a sport best done in Aruba or along the Great Barrier Reef should have a little chat with Denis Habza.

Scuba certified since 2006, the Black Rock resident has made a side career of hunting through the dark depths of Long Island Sound, creating fascinating videos for a growing audience of landlubbers who want to know just what’s lurking offshore.

You can hear from Habza first-hand as he hosts the second Scuba Outreach Seminar on Saturday, March 4, at Bridgeport Holiday Inn. In addition to vendors and demonstrations, the day’s speakers include Evelyn Bartram Dudas, the first woman to dive the Andrea Doria, and Mark Munro, who will discuss shipwreck hunting and side scan sonar imagery.

Habza said tickets are selling fast for the event, which will not…


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