Differentiation Between Genuine Leather and Faux Leather.

Exploitation has become an art. Yes, more than often we as consumers are let down when it comes to our part of purchasing certain items. We are exploited in numerous ways by retailers in order for them to increase their profits. Most of the time, these things go unnoticed by the ordinary consumer but it is very important for us to know what we are putting our money on. Similarly, when we go out shopping for clothes, we are exploited as consumers during this process are distracted by the glamour of the item, and this is when the retailer can take advantage. A classic example of this is the purchasing of leather jackets. We all know that when we go out to buy a leather jacket, we don’t really keep the particulars in mind, such as it should be genuine leather that we should purchase and not faux leather. This important fact is usually ignored, so here are a few tips for everyone to know when buying leather jackets.

The first thing that a person should know before going out to shop for a leather jacket is what the material leather is really made of. Basically, genuine leather is made from the skin of certain animals such as pigs, sheep and goats. These are the most natural and original form of leather that could be found, hence they are known as being genuine. So in order for one to differentiate between faux leather and genuine leather, when out to buy a leather jacket, is to look for Aniline or Semi-Aniline leather. These two types of leather are considered as being in their most original form as there are known to be top grain leather. They are extremely high quality. An aniline jacket will be easy to spot because of its unique look. They are not polished, but have scratches on the surface giving a very faded look. All those who are interested in buying leather jackets should make sure they identify an aniline jacket by the rugged look they tend to give. A semi-aniline jacket will be slightly different as it will be slightly coated on the surface by polish for a smooth sleek look. The polish is used to increase its durability but will still be in its original form.

On the contrary, speaking of faux leather, we are able to say that this imitation of the material leather is produced through a mixture of various fabrics. It is purely manmade and for that reason a faux leather jacket will look unnatural at first sight because of the look it gives off as it would differ from a real leather jacket. So when you are in the market to buy a leather jacket, you should make sure to know the different in texture as well as the look of a real one in comparison to the imitated version. A faux leather jacket will also feel very light in nature as compared to a real leather jacket because sometimes producers tend to use plastic in the production of these jackets, hence giving it a very light texture. One should always remember while buying leather jackets, that the faux ones will always have a smooth finishing, whereas a genuine one will always give that…

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