Collaborate Seamlessly with Online Integrated Conferencing Solutions

With a shrinking resource pool and restricted budget due to adverse economic conditions, the demand for communication systems that allow remotely located users to work in real-time has increased. In this scenario, Cisco WebEx has emerged as a suitable communication platform for hosting scalable webinars and virtual events for lead generation and remote collaboration. The WebEx suite includes solutions like Event Center, Meeting Center, Training Center, Support Center and Jabber, each product with a specialised function.

Up to 3000 participants can join a live and on-demand event hosted using Cisco WebEx Event Center, with features like integrated voice and video chats, session recording and play-back facility. Users can reach client located in far flung areas and host high impact meetings for efficient negotiations and the best results with the help of this conferencing application. The lead generation webinars hosted using this conferencing solution are highly interactive, allowing professionals to enhance the awareness of their new products and services amongst the existing and potential customers, business partners and employees located in all parts of the world.

In a country like Singapore, where chemical and electronic exports form the backbone of the economy, this communication solution can be extremely useful for interactive with business prospects. A targeted online multimedia event session hosted using the WebEx Event Center can be completely automated. Invitations to the event can be sent via emails sent automatically, along with automatic confirmations and self-generated reminders. Vendors of Cisco WebEx Event Center in Singapore offer customised participant registration forms and can score or rate potential clients with the lead management tools integrated in the solution.

The attention indicator tool present in this communication solution can gather information about the attention levels of the attendees, thereby accumulating data for the sales and marketing databases of a company. Users can even evaluate, track and cultivate leads for improving their sales potential in emerging or nascent markets. The solution allows the host to track and answer the queries posted by attendees in real-time while conducting the webinars or live virtual meetings.

The 360p quality ensures that the video calls are clear and the presenters are shown in wide screens without any lag. All registered participants can access the meeting at the click of a button  Conferencing Service Providers offering the Cisco WebEx Event Center like Arkadin Singapore offer integrated audio conferencing facility with toll-based or toll-free access numbers. Professionals working while travelling can use dedicated apps for Smartphones or tablet computers to join a meeting

With Cisco WebEx Event Center, professionals can host company-wide meetings with up to 3000 participants easily without incurring any travel expenses. Managing the event is also easy for administrators and…

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