Chronic Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetic Nephropathy



Chronic Kidney Disease caused by Diabetic Nephropathy is quiet common in society in modern times. Diabetes is a kind of capillaries lesions. Kidney is an organ which is caused by these capillaries lesions. Basilar membrane of renal glomerular capillaries becomes widener. Sugar and protein increase, and there is also deposition of crystal materials, which leads to the increased permeability of capillaries. Pathological change of renal capillaries can lead to the sclerosis of renal glomeruli, which is the main pathogenesis of Chronic Kidney Disease caused by Diabetic Nephropathy.

In Chronic Kidney Disease caused by Diabetic Nephropathy, kidney tissues are in the insufficiency of blood and oxygen, which leads to the increase of blood viscosity. The deformability of red blood cells decreases, so inner pressure of renal capillaries increases. The artery resistance of renal glomeruli…


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