Avoid Trade Show Booth Habits That Can Annoy Trade Show Visitors

To gain wider exposure, build credibility and promote a business to the maximum, trade shows are unparalleled places to ensure these goals. A trade show can be an unfailing marketing tool as thousands of visitors walk in the trade fair ground and explore the market from closer view. Fair booth staffs can attract them to their booths and display their products and services to them.

Task of displaying those products and services to them properly is intriguing and largely rests upon how pop up displays look like. But, business promotion is considerably dependent on how the booth staffs comport and speak to the visitors. To be honest, it is the booth staff members who have a lot to do with whether or not the customers decide to stick around. Here are some of the pet peeves visitors have when it comes to talking to the booth staffs.

Talking to one and ignoring other:

As hard as it is to speak at a time to every visitor who walks into your booth, they may, nonetheless, expect you acknowledge they are also present there. If you are not being able to talk to them elaborately while in conversation with some other visitors, you can at least say ‘hello’ to them to let them know you are pleased to have them there. What you should know is they are kind enough to give you a time to check out your booth. In many instances, booth staffs forget even to greet their visitors and that demeanor may seem to be quite annoying to those visitors who know well there are lots of competitor booths around which they can opt for otherwise.

Busy Talking on Cell Phone:

Nothing is more vexing than seeing exhibit booth staffs talking on their cell phones without attending the interested visitors. This practice can mar the prospect of enhancing business sales considerably. The first and foremost goal of participating in a trade exhibit is to build relationship with exhibit visitors and to boost business sale prospects. But, visitors must not like exhibit booth staffs keep talking on their cell phones without giving priority to them. This practice is a veritable visitor deterrent.

Talking while Sitting:

To respect customers means to gain their faith. Any sort of disrespectful body language like siting while talking to them even though customers are standing on their feet can be damaging to the prospect of building business relationship and enhancing business sales. On finding exhibit booth staffs taking their seat without asking their visitors to take a seat, visitors may receive a wrong message and they can eventually move away from their booths to another.

Drinking and Eating at Booth:

Like everybody, fair booth staffs too need to have a bite or something to drink while spending hours in the exhibition ground. What forces visitors step to other directions is when you are eating and drinking in booth, they assume you are on break. Save it for your actual breaks and attend to the visitors and speak to them with patience. 

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