An Android-Powered English Movie Box Can Revolutionize Your Entertainment

TV viewing has gone on to next level with the introduction of Android TV Box. Viewers have an exciting time full of entertainment using this device. Apart from enjoying hundreds of shows, they also get to enjoy thousands of movies. Imagine having an English movie box where you can watch movies without any subscription! That’s right. This device, powered by the Android OS of Google, does not require any subscription whatsoever. You have to pay only a one-time price for the package which includes everything from USB cable to adapter to HDMI cables.

Furthermore, these units are packed with features such as social networking, apps from Google Play Store, Internet browser, games, live radio channels, media sharing and downloading, cartoon shows, quizzes, access to Google Play Store, TV applications such as Netfilx, IMDb Movies & TV etc.

Countries where several regional languages are spoken, these units are even more useful because they offer viewers with hundreds of channels in all those languages. The same applies to movies as well. Not only English movies, but thousands of films in regional languages are also offered. Apart from that, viewers can also watch videos clips from any movie as well as full-length videos of songs etc.  In addition, live TV channels and recorded TV shows from English entertainment channels as well as regional-language entertainment channels are also available for the viewing pleasure of users.

On top of all these, there are several useful apps like weather forecast. Users can even access music or movie files from external devices such as SD cards, hard disks and flash drives. With so many features, the box is soon going to make conventional TV viewing a thing of the past. It is operated by only 1 remote. That has really taken the word ‘user-friendly’ to the next level.  

Days of cable television are numbered. The rise of these machines has triggered such excitement among viewers that almost everyone is switching to an English movie box for unlimited entertainment and personalized entertainment at affordable rates.

Some companies manufacturing these units provide specially prepared software for an even better viewing experience. The process of using the software is quite easy as well. You just have to connect the box to your TV, Set up Wi-Fi/Ethernet and that’s it! You are all set to enjoy English or regional movies and TV shows of your choice.

These devices have made television truly personalized. You don’t need to have a dish antenna; neither do you require a smart TV. There is no need to have a CD/DVD player or a computer or even a gaming console. The box is an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse.

All you need for setting up your English Movie Box are: a broadband Internet connection with over 1 Mbps download speed, broadband data package of around 1 GB for 3 hours of use and an ADSL modem or router. The streams of content are not owned or streamed by the company that manufactures the device. Those belong…

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