5 Thought-Provoking International Topics for an Argumentative Dissertation!

A dissertation on an argumentative topic can discuss international issues that have an impact on the world. These topics can range from political ideas to societal themes. Whatever you choose as your topic, it must be something that has room for discussion. At the same time, it should offer a productive debate that will provide the readers with an expert’s insight into the matter. So if you are thinking of international issues for your dissertation, then you have luckily landed at the right article.

Here are themes that you can consider for writing an argumentative dissertation on international topics:

1. International Policy
International policy is one idea that can make for an interesting topic for an argumentative essay. International policies of different countries for various international activities can offer possible ideas for an argumentative essay. These ideas can include military campaigns, bilateral trading and joint dialogues for conflicts. You can focus on policies of one country or compare and contrast policies of different countries.

2. Power of Nations
Power is the ultimate factor that every country seeks for. The power is defined by how each country utilizes its resources and uses them to influence other nations. In this context, you can explore which country accumulates the most power. You can focus on a single country with more power than others or compare power between powerful countries, considering statistics for their military strength and resources. You can even describe why power is misused and how balance of power among countries would eradicate monopoly of a single nation in the power equilibrium.

3. Alcohol Laws
You can research the laws surrounding the use of drug and alcohol around the globe. “Should drugs be allowed for students?”, “Is alcohol consumption suitable for people under 20?” are a few questions that can be answered through a dissertation. You can discuss here how such elements contribute in the anti-social activities and why they should be controlled. Support your argument with the moral and societal factors before giving any conclusions of the issue. You can talk about laws of a single country or compare it with others. Give health-related issues of these two forms of recreation.

4. Driving Laws
Different countries have different laws for driving. So your dissertation can find certain aspects related with driving laws and how they can be modified. For example, you can discuss a reform for minimum driving age and how it will reduce the accident rates in a particular country. You can even compare laws between countries to give a balanced analysis of the issue. Provide concrete examples and evidence to support your claim. Study procedure of different public transportation system and suggest ways for safe driving.

5. Environmental Issues
Environmental issues are also among the hottest international topics for a dissertation. For a paper on environmental issue, you can discuss the phenomenon of ‘global…

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