5 Habits That Have a Negative Effect on Success


There is a very old saying which perfectly defines success.

“It is not a sin to be born poor but to die so is indeed a big sin”. In a world full of challenges and difficulties, there also exist a lot of opportunities and scope for career growth and wealth building provided you are aware of the success principles. However, more often than not it has been found that many of us are not able to achieve our desired levels of success because we take all the necessary steps that could be described as things that can sabotage success. Let us go over the next few paragraphs and find out the five major things that could play havoc with your success unless you are able to nip it in the bud. The following are the five major factors that could be a big impediment as far as your journey to success is concerned.

The first important trait that could damage or totally sabotage success is fear of the unknown and fear of change. If we are ambitious and would like to scale newer heights in life we should always be happy to embrace change and get away from the status quo. Staying within our comfort zone is something that is very much liked by all of us. However, such a bent of mind will be good enough for those aiming at mediocrity in life and career. Change is always for the better and fear of the unknown is something that is there only in our mind and there are ways and means to overcome this.

The next important trait that could play a big spoilsport as far as your success is concerned is procrastinating and postponing things.

What can be done tomorrow must be tried and completed today itself if possible. Letting things drift and getting into the habit of piling up papers in your table could play havoc with your success principles and could pull you down in your career and job. It could also impact your relationship at home and could destroy relationships over a period of time.

The next important habit which could also play the role of a dampener is the habit of complaining and talking always negative about things, surroundings and life in general. This indeed is a very bad trait which will not only make you become very inward looking, snobbish and unhappy, but will also result in people moving away from you. You would over a period of time become lonely, frustrated and unhappy. So you should learn to develop the habit if being happy and talking positive even when you are in some trouble or under stress and duress.

he fourth negative trait or quality is being in the habit of passing blame on others and on circumstances. If you are working in a team, you should know your responsibilities well and if you have slipped up or made a mistake somewhere you should have the courage to own up and admit the same.

Lastly, not being accountable to yourself and to the promises that you have made to your family members, your boss, your customers or vendors is something that is certain to have a very negative effect as far as success of your career is concerned.There…

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