4 Steps to an Organized Garage


Is your garage full of stuff you never look at, rarely use or stuff you’re not sure where else to store?   

Is it embarrassing to open your garage door when people are walking past?  Are you wasting money purchasing items that are lost in the garage?  

Do you feel too overwhelmed to organize your garage?

It’s possible to overcome overwhelm by following my 4 steps to an organized garage.

Step 1: START.

The first step is the most difficult step.  Here are some tips to make it happen.

*Ask family/friends for help.  Consider trading organization hours with a friend, or hiring a professional organizer.

*Commit to the project by blocking off 1-2 “garage organization days” on your calendar.

*Rent a dumpster if needed

*Find or purchase some large, heavy duty trash bags.

*Take “before” photos to record your progress.  Refer back to these photos when you don’t think you’ve made any progress. …


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