25 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

With nearly a thousand new Daily Deal Builder entrepreneurs, we have had a wide range of concerns. Many of the concerns center around how to create a successful deal of the day website, and so we wanted to provide this excellent list of guidelines to increase alterations.

1. Keep it simple. The simpler it is for guests to finish a buy the more purchases (and fewer purchasing trolley solution application abandonments) you will see. Keep it uncomplicated to find the product and go through the check out procedure.


2. Provide finish details along with an unknown number. Buyers want to know you are actual and they want to know how to reach you in case of an issue.


3. Provide motivation throughout the check out procedure. The best way to do this is to let customers know what stage of check out they have reached, and to provide them with outlined signs to let them know what to do next.

4. Use product pictures in purchasing golf trolleys. This informs guests what exactly is in their golf trolleys. It also supports, in the prospective customer’s mind, the reason(s) for the buy.


5. Link returning to the product web page. After products has been placed in the purchasing trolley solution application, the guest should be able to click on the product and be instructed returning to the product web page in a new window for example. This makes purchasing comparisons easier and ensures the guest has the right product for his/her needs without leaving the purchasing trolley solution application.


6. Don’t keep delivery costs a secret. Nothing destroys a transformation quicker than a $19.95 handling and delivery charge on a $10 product. Provide delivery cost details on the first web page of the check out.


7. Is it backordered? The guest finally reaches the end of the check out only to discover that the product is not in stock. Do you think they will come returning when the product comes in? They won’t.


8. Provide finish product details such as sizes, colors, styles and other product descriptors. This will cut down on product returns because customers will know what they’re actually purchasing. Prevent marketing products for the same purpose.


9. Keep terms (TOS) simple and unambiguous. What’s your guarantee? What’s your come returning policy? Eliminate the boilerplate and offers them the facts.


10. Provide a selection of payment gateways. Not all customers want to pay by cards. Some do not even have cards. Buyers should be given the option to pay by an atm card, personal check (snail mail), PayPal and other similar services, bank transfer and, if they want to stop by to pick it up, you will even take cash.


11. Never blame the client. When a potential client mouse clicks the wrong weblink, or does not remember to enter all information areas, put up a message describing the issue and how to fix it. The client is always right and it’s always your fault. Period.


12. Offer present, certificates. Some customers just do not know…

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