2017-18 Flagstaff Schools Directory | Local


Coconino High School

2801 N. Izabel St. 773-8200

PRINCIPAL: Stacie Zanzucchi

ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Steve Bonderud, Chris Holmes

SPECIALTIES: Coconino Institute for Technology (CIT), robotics; Puente de Hozho Language Institute, continuation of Spanish or Navajo language immersion, JROTC, automotive, culinary, digital design, digital media, accounting, photography, welding, sports medicine

Flagstaff High School

ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Robin Pete, William Donner

SPECIALTIES: AP Academy, Forensics, Kinlani Dormitory

Summit High School

4000 N. Cummings St. 773-8198


SPECIALTIES: Alternative middle-high school, by referral and open enrollment

Mount Elden Middle

3223 N. Fourth St. 773-8250


SPECIALTIES: Alpine Preparatory Academy (6th Grade), Alpine Leadership Academy (7th, 8th grade), Honors Pre-AP Academy, Puente de Hozho Language Academy

Sinagua Middle

3950 E. Butler Ave. 527-5500


SPECIALTIES: Middle School Institute for Technology (MIT-e)

Cromer Elementary

7150 E. Silver Saddle Road. 773-4150

PRINCIPAL: Traci Elam-Gordon

DeMiguel Elementary

3500 S. Gillenwater Drive. 773-4000

Killip Elementary

2300 E. Sixth Ave. 773-4080

SPECIALTIES: 21st Century FACTS. Modified year-round calendar, started on July 19.

Kinsey Elementary

1601 S. Lone Tree Road. 773-4060

SPECIALTIES: Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School (KIDS) magnet program focused on cultures and environment of northern Arizona

Knoles Elementary

4005 E. Butler Ave. 773-4120

Leupp Public

About 45 miles northeast of Flagstaff, Leupp. 686-6266

SPECIALTIES: “No Excuses University” school, Navajo language and cultural instruction during intersessions. Modified year-round calendar, started on July 19.

Marshall Elementary

850 N. Bonito St. 773-4044

SPECIALTIES: Art and science magnet.

Puente de Hozho Elementary

3401 N. Fourth St. 773-4090

SPECIALTIES: Trilingual Magnet School (Spanish-English and Navajo-English), has no attendance boundaries.

Sechrist Elementary

2230 N. Fort Valley Road. 773-4020

Thomas Elementary

3330 E. Lockett Road. 773-4110

SPECIALITIES: “No Excuses University” school.

*All start on Aug. 11 and let out June 1, unless otherwise noted. FUSD enrollment for 2015-16.


Flagstaff Junior Academy

306 W. Cedar Ave. (3 years old to 4th grade); 755 N. Bonito (5th through 8th grade). 774-6007 (elementary), 214-7317 (middle)


ENROLLMENT: 298 students in grades pre K-8.

SPECIALTIES: Montessori-based curriculum; experiential middle school; private preschool

Haven Montessori

621 W. Clay Ave. 522-0985

Executive DIRECTOR: Cristy Zeller

Assistant Director: Jen Ernst

Specialties: Montessori curriculum; private preschool and toddler/infants programs on-site

Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff

575 W. University Avenue (West Side preschool and kindergarten), 2025…

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